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Life Settlements are becoming increasingly popular as the secondary market for Life Insurance has grown dramatically. No longer do Life insurance owners have to forfeit all of their premiums and let there policy lapse if they no longer need or want life insurance coverage. The Life Settlement industry allows insurance owners to sell their policies to institutional buyers. The amount paid for one of these policies is directly correlated to several factors such as:

  • The Insured’s current health
  • The Insured’s current age
  • The face amount of the policy
  • The amount of the yearly premium being paid

These factors among others are analyzed by these institutional buyers and if the analysis meets their purchase requirements they will make an offer (bid) on your policy.

If you are thinking of letting your life insurance policy lapse or want more information on selling your policy, please contact one of our professionals at 800-833-1704 or via e-mail at

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