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 Insurance Advisory Services

Byck Financial Services realizes that insurance is a necessity. As your trusted advisor we will analyze your current family, work and financial situation and advise you as to what type and amount of insurance would be most suitable for you.

Insurance is a certainly looked at as a need based product and in most circumstances that is correct. However, proper insurance planning can be the difference between financial stability and/or financial uncertainty.

Regardless of the type of insurance, the protection it offers plays a major role in the comfort you provide to your family and/or co-workers.

Byck Financial Services is proficient at analyzing and advising on the following types of insurance products. Please feel free to contact us ANY TIME for a FREE consultation.

Life Insurance
Did you know that Life insurance is one of the few products that has gone down in price over the past several years? It is also a need based product as protecting your family and loved ones financially is of utmost importance. Learn More

Long Term Care Insurance
As the population is aging, Long Term Care insurance has grown exponentially in popularity. There are many misconceptions regarding the services that are provided by the government for nursing home care and or private care for individuals who require such aid. Unfortunately these misconceptions can end up costing thousands if not millions of dollars if they are not understood. Learn more

Disability Insurance
Imagine injuring yourself to the point where you can no longer work and provide for your family and loved ones? Disability Insurance is often overlooked and that can be a very big gamble. Becoming disabled is a real threat and not being able to support yourself or your family can become a disaster. Learn more

Life Settlements
Life Settlements are becoming increasingly popular as the secondary market for Life Insurance has grown dramatically. No longer do Life insurance owners have to forfeit all of their premiums and let there policy lapse if they no longer need or want life insurance coverage. Learn more

Mortgage Insurance
Your home very well may be the largest purchase of your life. Most individuals that purchase a home obtain a mortgage to do so. In the unfortunate event that a death occurs in the family and the mortgage can no longer be paid, your family may lose ownership of the house. This is a nightmare for anyone who has gone through this. Learn more

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