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 Tax Preparation Services

Byck Financial Services, Inc. started in 1971 as a tax consulting firm. We have tremendous experience in tax preparation for individuals, maximizing income tax deductions, small businesses, partnerships corporations, trusts and estates. An experienced tax consultant can mean the difference of owing money or receiving a refund. Since our inception we have successfully completed over 45,000 tax returns. Please note there is a major difference between a tax preparation company and a tax consulting and accounting company like ours.

Each year our tax professionals study and are kept abreast of the changing tax laws and tax deduction allowances. Our tax preparation services can be done in person or via mail. Those that choose to mail in their tax information will receive a reduced fee as this saves our accountants significant amount of time. Regardless of whether you make an appointment to meet us in person or elect the mail in option, your income tax return will receive the same amount of time diligence and dedication needed to make certain that EVERY deduction available to you is used. If you plan on meeting with one of our consultants in person, please contact us early so we can make certain an appointment that meets your schedule is available.

We also specialize in reviewing previous tax returns and analyzing the work done by other accountants or tax preparers. More often then not, we find deductions that you could have taken advantage of but did not. If we identify other deductions that you would have been entitled to, we will do an amended tax return for you. This often can result in a significant financial savings to you!

There is absolutely NO FEE for us to analyze your previous 3 years tax returns.

*Mail In Tax Preparation

Of the 900+ tax clients that are currently using our services over 80% opt to use our mail in service. This service requires that you, the client, complete our tax package questionnaire. This questionnaire will aid us in identifying exactly what deductions you may be entitled to. It also gives us a much better understanding of your overall financial makeup which will aid us in advising you on how to save money in the future.

Download the Byck Financial Services Tax Package Questionaire.

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